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Understanding conceptual marketing from an early age was what propelled me into this career choice.

Growing up in Amsterdam, in a family of scientists, technical subjects like maths and science were always something that came easy to me. It wasn’t until I turned 16, and we looked towards moving to the UK, that I realised I did not want to work in the science field like my family. My father showed me some beautiful conceptual designs from a designer he worked with at the time and asked if this was a field I would be interested in pursuing. It was then that I realised I had a passion for design, leading me to pursue “Graphic Communication” at college and receiving a Bachelor’s (with honours) from university alongside a qualification in Marketing and Branding.

Through my studies I quickly realised what it is that truly excites me about this field. I love problem solving. I find that I’m easily able to tap into the technical side of my brain and come up with practical, applicable solutions to various problems, which I can then explore creatively. In a way, I’m able to merge these two worlds together so that art & science meet in a commercial space through creativity and conceptual thinking.

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